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I got asked these questions:-

Q1) Would you marry a man who is 20 yrs older than you?

A1) No.

Q2) Would you marry a man who is 20 yrs older than you…if he’s good looking at that age?

A2) No.

Q3) Why?

A3) If he’s 20 yrs older than me, he would be financially established, I assume.  Hence, I would be similar to a tag-along because he would have most things that I aim to have in 20 yrs time.  Also, if he’s 20 yrs older than me, whatever stage I am, I would always be catching up with him unless he’s 100 and I’m 80.  More like, he would be in a stage where he’s retired while I am still trying to make it big somewhere.  And if he’s 20 yrs older than me, the possibility of him dying earlier than me is much higher, so if he does go, then I would only have so much time with him.

Q4) Would you date a guy who’s younger than you?

A4) Depends.

Q5) What is the tolerated age range?  5 yrs?

A5) 1-2 yrs younger…no more.

Q6) Why?

A6) Put into context, if I were 26, the guy would be 21…I would actually be dating a guy who just turned legal in other words,  a Siao Di Di.  1-2 yrs older or younger guys would be pretty much in the same phase as me in most areas of life and that would give us more things that we could have in common, at least we couldn’t throw out the “you don’t understand” card as often as we could.  Probably, our aims would be similar and we are building up towards something not waiting for one to catch up or slow down dramatically.

Q7) Would you date a guy who’s shorter than you?

A7) Not really cos I love wearing heels and to me the shoulder factor is important.   Shoulder factor = leaning on his shoulder whenever I feel like it.

But someone pointed out that, when you are really in love with the person, anything could happen…and I don’t think I could fathom unless I am in that position.  Which is true.

So all the answers I give are hypothetical.


We celebrated our colleague, Dan’s birthday last Wednesday at Gippy and we’ve hatched the a great plan since the Sunday before that…to dress up just like him!   What better to celebrate your birthday with 10 other people who dress up just like you?  Hahaha.  Let the pictures do the talking!

My boss, Hong made these mini cupcakes!  So cute, right!

Then we decided to mess around with the cupcakes and our masks of Dan!

When the birthday dude came in, we surprised him by putting on the masks!  So spot the real Dan!

And the finalists of the dress-like-Dan competition: Hau Wei, Tim and me!


We played Scrabble with the cupcakes after dinner and the random words of the day: Pay Any Bad Panda.

I’m still laughing my head off looking at the pictures!

Here’s a picture update of the Lotus Migrations team @ Gippy.  Ah, the fun times!

The team sans two members: Kuo Hao, Harpreet and Tim (cameraman)

Just when I was thinking about Struck the movie, Dan told me about his kangaroo hunting in Darwin.

He had a go using a crossbow but he didn’t manage to open fire at one kangaroo…just cereal boxes.  HAHA.  He was telling us that the arrows used are meant to spin in its projectile motion, aiming to drill a hole through the kangaroo.  The kangaroo will bleed to its death.  Bleugh.

My colleague, Tim had an interesting story about kangaroos too.  He was driving around his hometown in northern Queensland and hit a kangaroo.  He stopped his car, went to the kangaroo and saw that the kangaroo was hopping back and forth the road with its leg twisted.  Because it was in the wee hours of the morning and if he called for help, the poor kangaroo would be in pain for at least hours to come.  So he wanted the kangaroo to suffer less, he took a hammer from his boot, hammered it on the head to end its suffering.


Kangaroo steak anyone?

The camera on my phone is not really the best…the pictures of the cupcakes I made didn’t turn out pretty enough for me!  The colour is waayyyyy off!

But anyway here goes.  🙂

12102009643The big ones.


The mini ones.

Baking makes me happy.

Like so so happy.

Talking to Mom is always the best.  Even if it’s about random stuff like mooncakes and buying a soup pot from cosway.

If you are reading this, Mom…love ya heeeeappps!






::Loves God::


::Soy chai and green tea lattes::



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